We HOPE to open again in the fall.

Registration is now open for fall 2020. We will be open Monday through Thursday.

Due to Covid uncertainty you may register without a deposit...please email first  to see if the day that you want has openings ( gluck.chris@gmail.com ) and then stay tuned for updates.

We will be cutting our enrollment in half and following state guidelines.


Pricing,  polices and forms:


Tuition is $135.00 per month x 7 months which equates to about $25 per day. ( We are open the full school year but tuition should be all paid up by March )

If your child(ren) come more than one day each additional day is another $135.00 per month.There is no discount for siblings or multiple days.

We want PHA to be open to all so if you have financial limitations but would like to do work exchange (such as teacher assistant) or barter for tuition please contact Chris to discuss the possibilities.


Tuition can be paid 3 ways:


  • 7 monthly payments of $135 each ( with the last payment due on March 1st )

  • Or: ½ September 1st and ½ January 1st (  $472.50 each )

  • Or: Full year $945

  • There is no reduction in tuition due to absences but makeup days are usually possible.

  • Deposits and Tuition are non-refundable unless your child's slot can be filled from the wait list (there is not always a wait list). 

  • Tuition may be transferred to future classes or camps if two weeks’ written notice is given (via email) prior to withdrawal.


How to Register

Fill out the registration form below and mail or e-mail it to me. To hold your space please include the $10 registration fee and the first month's tuition...as explained above one day per week is: $135.00 per child.

Make checks payable to Chris Gluck.

Registration form

(Word Doc and PDF versions)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What type of art do you teach?

A. We believe in introducing the children to a wide range of art and crafts: drawing, painting, pastels, sculpture, jewelry, mandalas, art from nature and much more.


Q. What days and hours are you open?

A. We are open Tuesday through Thursday. The children arrive off the bus at about 2:45 and can be picked up between 4:30 and 5:30.


Q. What buses come to Poker Hill Arts

A. Children from UCS, JES, and BRMS can all get here on the bus.


Q. What is the cost?

A. About $25.00 per day per child. See the policies for payment options.


Q. Do you serve snack?

A. Children should bring their own healthy snack.

We supplement some snack each day for those who have eaten theirs at lunch or forgotten to bring one.


Q. Are you open during school vacations or snow days?

A. We are open only when school is, however on afternoons that the public schools cancel after school activities we are still open. As long as the buses can get the children to us we are here!

Q. If my child is absent can they do a make up day? 

A. Yes! We always try to accommodate children if they have missed their normal day.

Policies and Reminders


Make checks to: Chris Gluck. There is a bin just inside the studio entrance for payment for monthly checks or it can be mailed to: 15 Poker Hill Road, Underhill VT 05489


Bus: I will send an email about bus numbers and routines just before school starts.


Vacation and Snow days: I am not open on full snow days but if school is dismissed early due to snow I can almost always accept the children. You can instruct the school that they are to come here. Put my #’s on the card that you fill out for school: Cell phone #: 310-5562 and then the schools will notify me of closures.

Feel free to check with me if you hear that closings are likely!

I am not open on vacation days.


Clothing: We cover up with paint shirts when using paint that stains but there is no guarantee that stains will not occur!

Children should bring appropriate outdoor clothing & boots in the winter as we always have a little outdoor time when they arrive.


Snacks:  After some outdoor time we all sit together for a snack before starting our project(s).Please send a healthy snack (or two)…they are usually ravenously hungry!!

There will be a nut free table for those that need it. If your child forgets snack I provide one.

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